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We are the Trusted Advisor at top level. Our high-value planning and innovation services support the SAP customers at top level to "run corporate functions as a business." Our unique sales proposition (USP): Intimacy with SAP Technology & Portfolio — we are the frontrunners in helping our customers develop their IT to the next level, while using synergies to address corporate functions such as CIO, CFO, and others.

Best People and Talent: Gain a Trusted Partner in the Business Transformation Services Group

You want to transform your HR department into a best-run business and enable your organization to execute on its strategy. The "Best People and Talent" team within the Business Transformation Services group of SAPĀ® Consulting helps you drive smart transformation projects with decisive HR strategy, innovative processes, and an integrated IT infrastructure..

Consultants from the "Best People and Talent" team within SAP Consulting assess your current capabilities. We help you to shape a long-term perspective, spot quick wins and plan the way forward making the best use of your resources. If you are developing an HR strategy, consolidating your HR software landscape, or introducing a new service delivery model we have the experience and expertise to enable you to achieve your goals. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Human Resources Services

  • HR Talent Management Road Map from SAP and SuccessFactors:

    With the acquisition of SuccessFactors, SAP provides a full array of on-premise and cloud-based HR software. To help you develop a strategy for deploying HR solutions, we offer a road map design service to help you compare costs and benefits and create a high-level plan to fit your current and future needs.

    The road map design service gives companies in all regions and industries a way to evaluate the merits of on-premise and cloud-based alternatives for HR solutions. The service — which leverages the skills of experienced consultants from SAP and SuccessFactors — enables you to make informed decisions based on a thorough analysis of your HR processes, resources, intentions, and goals.

  • HR Leading Practices and Process Design:

    Our executive advisory partners coach your management team in assessing how your HR strategy can support corporate objectives.

    With HR leading practices the business transformation services consultants help you plan, deploy, measure and continually drive HR process optimization effectively. Our HR leading practices are based on HR benchmarks and the SAP business process library — documented knowledge from countless business process management projects. Furthermore, we help you define how you can make best use of the most significant trends in HR and IT.

  • HR Shared Service Transformation:

    We guide you through process design, identify the most suitable level of self-services and HR automation for your organization and support you in designing and implementing your future HR service delivery model.

    If you are developing strategies to increase the quality of your HR services, support company growth with your personnel department or reduce operating costs you are probably acquainted with the concept of shared services. The "Best People and Talent" team can accompany you through all phases of your shared services project.

  • HCM Analytics

    HR analytics enables your HR department to arrive at realistic decisions based on existing workforce data

    HR needs to move beyond descriptive statistics for tracking and reporting. It must be able to translate metrics into strategic value for the business by leveraging data information intelligence. It also promotes the translation of new insights into business performance, making it possible for HR staff to predict, model, and optimize organizational effectiveness.

  • HCM Business Assessment:

    We identify the areas that have major impact on your HR strategy, analyze your business processes for optimization potential and provide a road map tailored to support your decision process

    Are your HR processes streamlined from end to end and targeted to support your business goals? Do you leverage software from SAP and SuccessFactors Inc., an SAP company, to your greatest benefit? With our HCM business assessment service you have access to experts in best-in-class processes for over 25 industries who also have in-depth experience with SAP software deployment, architecture, methods and skills.

  • HR IT Architecture Assessment and Road Map Development

    Reducing the complexity in IT can be one of the most difficult challenges in a diversified corporate environment. We aim at maximizing the benefit you get from your IT resources and linking the HR IT strategy with HR business objectives.

    Our HR IT architecture assessment and road map service focuses on designing an enterprise-wide environment for business applications that provides a framework f or all SuccessFactors, SAP and non-SAP HR software including support for analytics, talent management and payroll operations. Our comprehensive approach guides you in aligning your business strategy with the required IT enablers — and assists you in justifying the associated investments.

  • Organizational Change Management

    To run successful projects in HR, it is necessary to focus not only on the implementation of new processes and technology but also on the change readiness of the people involved.

    The majority of projects that fail do so because of nontechnical problems, such as non-acceptance of the solution, skill problems or inadequate communication. Our consultants are experts in change management and help you systematically plan, implement and measure actions to establish the organizational change in your business successfully.

  • Global Job Architecture

    The Job Architecture is the foundation for consistent and integrated talent management processes and solutions. Our expertise can help customers model their job architecture according to their business definitions and in compliance with SAP Best Practices. A global job architecture simplifies organizational complexities and brings transparency to people development processes by defining common descriptions that everyone in a company (HR, management, and employees) can access.

  • Global HR Readiness

    We help you develop and roll out the most suitable global HR approach for your company.

    Together with you, we identify the key topics in your HR approach and for your specific circumstances, covering everything from system architecture design to process design for both global and local business needs. For all these topics we help you discover your options so you can find the best way forward. Finally, in a project management or advisory role, we work with you on devising an implementation approach and support you throughout your global HR rollout.

  • SAP Jam

    Strong social integration and focus on collaboration are key to a strong HR. If you want to leverage internal and external collaboration, break down communication and departmental information silos, or extend your existing HR infrastructure with a strong social focus, SAP Jam is the cloud software of choice. SAP Business Transformation Services supports you by assessing your existing architecture and, working closely with you, develops an integrated infrastructure and helps you make your HR services social. You dont have to have an SAP or SuccessFactors infrastructure to use SAP Jam, but combining it with other SuccessFactors products enables you to get more value from your existing investment.

  • Workforce Planning

    For any organization, it is crucial to have the right people on board. Workforce planning helps ensure that you hire people with the right skill sets and for the right jobs, while taking into consideration dimensions like time (right moment), volume (right quantity), location (right place), and costs (right price). To align your business goals and workforce, our consultants work with you to identify, implement, and monitor operational and strategic workforce planning processes. These processes help your company tackle both the operational short-term (6-24 months) and the strategic long-term (2-5 years) challenges of managing your workforce and your business in a dynamic environment.

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