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Business Transformation Services Utilities & Waste (BTS UW) is a consulting partner for utility and waste disposal companies of all kinds. By holistically bridging business and IT solutions, BTS UW offers industry-specific services for both organizational direction and enablement decisions. Its direction services focus on strategy, value, and risk management, while its portfolio of enablement services encompasses the dimensions of business process management, transformational IT management, organizational change management, competence and training management, and  program and project management.

All BTS UW consultants possess in-depth industry knowledge, drive thought leadership, and are used to working in international teams. By enriching their expertise with access to the comprehensive “SAP Best Practices”, BTS UW consultants provide high-value solutions and fast-track accelerators to empower their customers to thrive in challenging business environments and run even better.

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Thought Leadership

“Innovation-driven Transformation of Utilities”, Servatius H.G., Kaczynski S., Lohnert K. (2012/2013).
Ensuring competitiveness during the energy revolution is the biggest challenge in the 140-year history of modern energy services. Innovation and transformations capabilities represent the critical success factors for market players. In order to analyze the central fields of activity on the journey to creating profitable smart-energy companies, Klaus Lohnert and Sebastian Kaczynski from BTS UW teamed up with Hans-Gerd Servatius from Competivation to conduct an explorative study entitled, “Innovation-driven Transformation of Utilities”. The contents and results are available in the 7th edition of the BTA 360° JOURNAL (2013) and the presentation material for the 2012 Global Business Transformation Summit.

“Beschleunigung der Transformation vom Energieversorger zum Energiedienstleister” and “IT-Strategien im Smart-Energy-Umfeld”, Lohnert K. (2012). In: Aichele, C., Doleski O.D. Smart Meter Rollout: Praxisleitfaden zur Ausbringung intelligenter Zähler. Wiesbaden: Springer Vieweg.

“Rollout to a Smart Energy World”, Lauterborn, A., Liebezeit, M., Lohnert K., Janner, T. (2012). In: 360° – The Business Transformation Journal, 2012, No. 3, 12-23.

“Nachfragesteuerung und Elektromobilität in der Energiewende”, Kaczynski, S. (2011). In: emw-Zeitschrift für Energie, Markt und Wettbewerb, 2011, 5/2011, 79-82.

“ENERGY Delphi - Eine Expertenbefragung zur Zukunft der Energiewirtschaft”, Kaczynski, S. (2011). In: et-Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, 2011; 61/11, 62-66.