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  1. What are rapid-deployment solutions?

    Rapid-deployment solutions describe best business practices and best implementation practices for a wide range of SAP software. They are published as packages with assets covering solution design and configuration and, if applicable, configuration templates that you can use in your system.

    You can use rapid-deployment solutions to do the following:

    • Identify best practices and the right software for new solutions
    • Develop skills and experience faster
    • Gain fast user acceptance and adoption of new solutions
    • Get business benefits and IT capabilities from innovations
    • Reduce cost and complexity in IT landscapes

    Rapid-deployment solutions are available for cloud and on-premise deployments. For select rapid-deployment solutions, you can also download an appliance with the software already installed and many settings already made.

    In addition, partners and SAP offer consulting services that are tailored to the rapid-deployment solutions and are designed to accelerate time-to-value and provide predictable results.

  2. What’s included?

    Packages typically include assets such as:

    • Fact sheets
    • Simulations
    • Process diagrams
    • Software and delivery requirements
    • Configuration guides
    • Test scripts

    Configuration templates may include:

    • Customizing
    • Reports, forms, and dashboards
    • Integration models
    • SAP HANA models
    • UI5 apps
  3. Are they for me?

    Rapid-deployment solutions are designed for implementation teams. The solutions are normally suitable when you want to implement the software mainly according to scope of the best practices. Changes or extensions to the scope typically require additional expert knowledge.

    If you are a customer or partner, you can download the packages and use them for free. Related consulting services from SAP or other service providers are available for a fee; contact your service provider for an offer.

  4. How much can I save?
    • More than 37% of users claimed a saving of 25 - 50% time / effort during their project
    • More than 32% claimed a saving of 25 - 50% in billable days

    * Data from a recent SAP survey of 500+ downloaders of SAP Rapid Deployment solutions and SAP Best Practices.

  5. How do I get started?

    1. Find a rapid-deployment solution for you. You can find a catalog right here in the SAP Rapid Deployment solution area on SAP Service Marketplace. There are different ways to navigate. Click on an area of business or technology, or use the A-Z index, which also lists the main software products.

    2. Check the scope of the rapid-deployment solution. When you have navigated to a rapid-deployment solution, you can get more details by clicking on the items in the solution scope. You can also find software and delivery requirements and links for you to download the package and any configuration templates.

    3. Download the package and any configuration templates – for free. In the package you will find a start page (.htm) and all assets sorted in folders. Open configuration templates in the corresponding application, for example, SAP Solution Manager. Note: To be able to download, you need an account for SAP Service Marketplace. If you do not have one yet, you can register now.

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